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Culford Waste Recycling Due to the regulations governing the disposal of agricultural waste, where burning or burying waste is no longer an option for farmers, Culford Waste provides a disposal facility for farmers where they have the option to organise for us to collect the waste from their farm or bring their waste themselves to our site in Culford, providing they have a waste carriers licence*.

As there are many types of agricultural waste, we have made a list of types we can and can't accept.


Culford Waste Recycling
Agricultural accepted at Culford Waste:-
Twine and net wrap
Crop covers
Spray containers (MUST be triple rinsed – labels can remain intact)
Fertilizer bags/sacks – shaken empty (no need to tie!)
Plastic wrapping
Rubble, wood & general rubbish
Scrap Iron/Metal/Copper
Tyres & batteries (prior approval * & additional charge)

Culford Waste Recycling

The type of waste we are unable to accept but can help and advise you with:-
Liquid waste
Veterinary Medicines
Fuels & oils
Infectious waste from animal healthcare

If you are unsure if we accept a certain waste please contact the office on 01284 728950.

*Proof of a waste carriers licence will need to be seen prior to waste being tipped at Culford Waste. Gaining a waste carriers licence can be done via the Environmental Agency.

For all enquiries please phone us on (01284) 728950

Culford Waste Recycling